after i installed custom ROM on my phone(android 4.2.2), i rooted it and uninstalled hangouts(system app).

[i think] hangouts was default sms app after installing ROM .

now i can't receive sms with android official sms app. and when i send sms , it always stay on sending status.

but i haven't any problem with other sms apps(go sms, hangouts[after reinstall],...)

I'm need to send or receive sms with android official sms app.any ideas welcome.


1.i installed new ROM for my phone locked on bootloop

2.i not found any difference between old ROM and new ROM.

3.i checked sms center number.


i re-flashed my phone official ROM (without losing data by this learn) and now this problem solved!


Either stick to your other SMS app or try removing the default SMS app and reinstall it using an APK.

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