So I run into this problem with my phone: I am trying to get my pictures from the phone after my screen broke. So I already did some research on my own, but now I am stuck. I figured out the following:

  1. Making the USB OTG work in combination with a mouse to regain control over my phone again. I used this topic on android stackexchange
  2. I enabled usb debugging in developer mode.

So now I thought that I would be able to simply connect my phone to my computer, using Windows 10, and that I would have access to all of my files. The idea came from this site. But unfortunately, I can still see no files what so ever.

Can anybody please help me out? If it helps, I also have Linux mint available.

Best, Koen

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Easiest to solve with Linux, as you have USB debugging enabled¹.

  1. Get the ADB tools running on your Linux computer. Should be as easy as sudo apt install android-tools-adb²
  2. Connect your Android device via USB
  3. On the Linux machine, check whether the device was detected by entering adb devices. If it's not listed, our ADB tag wiki² again has some hints
  4. now you can use adb pull to get content from your Android device to your Linux machine

Of course, finding the content is another issue. For that, there are several graphical managers available – in case you don't feel comfortable with „plain shell commands“ executed via adb shell. For those, be welcome to check with the corresponding list on my own site. I personally use adbfs-rootless to mount the storage via ADB, so I can use any file manager for the job.

Also worth a look: our tag-wiki 😇

¹ though the same can be achieved on Windows, there you'd have to install a bunch of drivers to get it working
² for alternatives and additional details, please see our adb tag-wiki

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