Recently I bought HTC Desire 530 phone from the Facebook Marketplace and have been tricked with a demo phone. It's a new phone, not even a scratch, but i demo keeps popping up every 30 seconds. I want to root it and install a fresh stock ROM but can't unlock the bootloader.

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I followed several tutorials on YouTube and XDA but couldn't get it working.

How to OEM unlock and unlock the bootloader for this device?


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You need to sign up as a developer to unlock an HTC bootloader.

There's a full set of instructions on XDA

1) Visit htcdev.com and unlock your bootloader -sign up as a dev, activate your email, and follow the steps

2) Download twrp from the app store. You won’t be able to run it yet but you still need it

3) Put the supersu zip file from your computer into your download folder of your phone

4) Get fastboot & adb running on your computer.

  • open cmd prompt

  • navigate to the fastboot/adb folder in your cmd prompt

  • with your phone plugged into your computer type “adb devices”

  • if it returns your device good
  • now in cmd type “adb reboot downloader” (you can also do this by powering off your phone then turning your phone on by holding the down volume button and the power button at the same time.
  • once you are in the downloader type “fastboot devices” in cmd
  • if this returns your device good
  • DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER TILL THIS IS WORKING!!! 4)Once your phone is in the rebooted downloader screen type “fastboot flash recovery ”
  • make sure you are on the downloader page and not the bootloader page
  • this should end in .img
  • this is a second boot screen for your phone. The first time I did this recovery wasn’t working because I was trying to fastboot on the bootloader page.

5) Now boot into recovery mode by navigating to it on your phone or using the cmd “adb reboot recovery” - Once you are here you will see the twrp screen

6a) The way I did it is going into the twrp recovery boot and going to install and choosing the supersu.zip file I moved to my phone in step 3. After it is done reboot your phone and now you are rooted.

6b) The other way is to go to advanced in twrp and enable sideload - now in cmd type “adb sideload ”

7) If you need to turn S-OFF install sunshine on your phone and it will do it. - You need to have your phone rooted first to turn your S-OFF with sunshine

  • I can't unlock the bootloader because OEM isn't unlocked. Mar 29, 2017 at 1:50
  • That's why you go sign up at htcdev.com as a developer. They'll give you the code to OEM unlock so you can unlock the bootloader.
    – sonictt1
    Apr 3, 2017 at 14:55

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