If I am holding down backspace to delete several words, if I hold it down for more than about a second, it will delete everything until the beginning of the line. I would rather it just keep deleting words at a constant pace. I feel like I am working around this "feature" more often than I am using it, ie, I want to delete everything except the first word on a line, and I end up holding backspace for just under a second, waiting, holding it again, waiting, holding again, etc.

The most common occurance is when I want to delete everything after a slash in a web address.


This is not possible without using a 3rd party keyboard, specifically SwiftKey

.. If you continue to hold the backspace key it will speed up.

When Gestures are enabled:
As well as the same functionality as above, you can additionally delete the last word you type by sliding your finger across the keys from right to left.

Source - SwiftKey support

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