I have a Note 4 running 6.0.1 that I recently reflashed back to stock in an attempt to fix issues I was having.

Now, whenever I enable Power Saving mode, it populates my notification list with a giant notification that takes up half the screen:

Notification drawer

I remember this happening when I first upgraded to Marshmallow, but at some point I did something that compacted the notification down to just the "turn off" button.

I don't care about having a little notification at the top, but all the "Your device performance is limited..." text is annoying.

Does anyone know what I might have down to fix this before? I'm pretty sure nothing I did was "hackish", and I didn't disable System UI notifications altogether since I still had the small one when Power Saving was enabled.


Figured it out seconds after posting.

If you go into Power Saving settings and disable "Restrict all background data", the notification shrinks down. I must have had this disabled before.

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