I have Motorola Moto Z Play phone. When switching to front-camera in Camera app, there is a setting that I haven't figured out it's purpose. It has three possible options:

  • Off
  • Manual (shows a slider which its value can be chosen from 1 to 7).
  • Auto

Here is a screenshot of this setting:

enter image description here

There is no reference to this setting in the official manual and I haven't found any resources that explains it. Does anybody know what's it for? There could be a similar front-camera setting for other phone brands too, but I haven't much experience about that.


I believe it is the beauty mode

The 5MP front-facing camera adds one extra control to this menu and that is for beauty mode. There are three options: auto, manual, or off. The manual option lets you move a slider like most other smartphones that offer a beauty mode which blends the skin tones to hide imperfections

Also called beautification mode

We start off with self portraits, which include a Beautification mode, which is a first for Moto, but not a first for Lenovo at large. It mainly enhances clarity and colors while smoothing out lines on the face, to varying degrees of success.

Off would be to disable the mode, manual would be adjust the beauty effect and auto would let the camera decide

Edit: It's not a thumbs up, it is a silhouette of a female face sideways - you can see that clearly from Lenovo feature, with the 7 step sliding scale. Moto seems to have added auto feature in addition

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    Samsung, LG and maybe others have this mode with different functionalities, but quoted Lenovo in the solution since they own Moto – beeshyams Mar 30 '17 at 18:42

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