I recently installed Android x86 through Virtual Box onto my PC. It runs mostly fine (except for some weirdness with the mouse, which isn't really an issue) but for the fact that apps cannot detect the internet connection. I can access the internet through the included browser just fine, so I know that the connection is actually getting to the VM, but apps cannot access it. I read here that because I am using NAT or virtual ethernet that some apps detect that there is no wifi or cellular and refuse to work. Is there a way to fix and/or get around this?

If it helps my host OS is Windows 10 Educational and I will do my best to provide hardware specs if that would help solve the issue.


I know it's an old thread but in case I was facing same issue well the solution is to change network adapter settings (virtual box or vmware) from NAT type to Bridge type that's it! and for the mouse issue you need to disable Mouse integration, if you don't want to change the network type there is another solution if your android vm is rooted which's rooted I guess you can install xposed framework and install fake wifi connection module worked on android 4.4 upto 5.1 if you have another version such as marshmellow (6.0+) then you need to install an apk from here https://www.mediafire.com/download/cbsu84p9496n70o , and after installing it you will be advised to install hack module from xposed so it can make the apk work well.

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    It's great that you're sharing your solution, but people don't want to download and install APKs from random places like Mediafire. That's a great way to end up with malware! Do you have an official, trustworthy source, or even a description of the APK so people can find it themselves?
    – Dan Hulme
    Aug 23 '17 at 12:02

What worked for me was selecting in Settings -> Network -> Attached To: NAT -> Advanced -> Network Type: Paravirtualized

I could connect to internet, I even did log in in my Google Account in the Virtual Machine.

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