On my Lenovo K3 Note, apart from Boot (16MB), System (2169MB), Data (5584MB) and Cache (0MB); I can see many more partitions (in TWRP) like:

  • Logo (8MB)
  • Nvram (5MB)
  • Recovery (16MB)
  • Uboot (0MB)
  • Proinfo (3MB)
  • Protect (0MB)
  • Parametr (0MB)
  • Secro (6MB)
  • Tee (10MB)
  • Frp (8MB)

I'm referring to this article: http://www.cyanogenmods.org/forums/topic/take-nandroid-backup-twrp-recovery/

Which talks about PDS partition that's supposed to keep your IMEI, modem information and all which does not affected as part of a custom ROM flashing.

Looking at the list of partitions on my phone, I don't see PDS. So:

  1. Where does it store IMEI and other such details?
  2. If I flash a custom ROM (Lineage OS 14.1 @ https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=133902&sort_by=date&sort_dir=DESC) will it be able to access IMEI and other details?
  3. What all these (above mentioned) partitions do?
  4. Is there a way I can remove any of them (that are not needed - if any, which ones) and merge it into data partition?

Note: I've checked following questions, but couldn't really get any clarity regarding my questions.

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