I've recently started playing with automation of simple routines in my Android device, and I've encountered an issue I cannot seem to solve.

What I need is a way to detect if a change to the Clipboard has been made (preferably after I copy a piece of text from anywhere), and automatically paste that text to any app of my choice (either Evernote or Keep, doesn't really matter).

Is there any way to open an app using Tasker ONLY when a copy event was fired?

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After doing some thorough reading of the Tasker Documentation I believe I have found an elegant way to accomplish this:

Basic Profile setup with the desired application The recursive Copy Text task setup

Basically this is a recursive task, constantly checking against a variable called %CLIPTEXT that it is equal to %CLIP (which is a predefined variable containing the contents of the Clipboard) and acting upon accordingly if it is not equal (aka changed) by opening the desired app.

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