I just got my hands on an old ADVENT Vega tablet. All the download links in its official website are broken. I the file named USB System Driver. I can't find it anywhere else either. Every link I came across turns out to be broken.

Can anyone provide a healthy link to it?

The device seems to be forgotten. Any other files related to this device are welcome.


  • Just to confirm is this the Nvidia based tablet Apr 6, 2017 at 9:36

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I really don't wanna lie, your device support accessories are outdated. Its really difficult to find the official softwares for your device.

However after a bit of digging I found out its a bit of proceedure to get the instalation of your device drivers. Based on the following thread: ADVENT VEGA USB DRIVER PROBLEM

You might need to find the two tools :

  1. AUDI - Automated USB Driver Installer
  2. VegaTools

You need to download the 97MB file (which include the tools, custom rom and drivers) Ignore the ROM files, we just need the USB drivers (containing NvidiaUsb.inf" and the other has: androidwinusb86.cat, androidwinusba64.cat, android_winusb.inf ) here: r8-vega-update-modacocustomrom

Read full instructions here: ADVENT VEGA USB DRIVER PROBLEM


Vega clone USB drivers problem (and bootloop)

Hope this works

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