My phone is sending out MMS messages without my consent to random unknown numbers and out of my contacts, The message that is sending out on my phone is as follows : You have received an MMS message. Read here then there's a http address I won't put it here don't know what on earth it is,can someone help me please, I've ran an anti virus app do I need to do a factory reset?


I sounds like you have managed to install some malware - check the Application settings for those with permission to send MMS messages and disable MMS functions for any that you don't recognise or need to be able to send messages and possibly uninstall them. It is probably worth doing this periodically anyway.

If you go to Applications in the Settings area, (the gear), and select the options, (the pile of 3 dots on the top right on my version), you can select SMS to get a list of all the Apps that can send SMS, and presumably MMS.

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    Thankyou for replying how to I know if my apps are using mms? – Tracey Armstead Apr 6 '17 at 6:56
  • @TraceyArmstead - You can easily find out which Apps have permission to send SMS/MMS (added to answer) but it is not as easy to find out which have actually sent them. – Steve Barnes Apr 7 '17 at 5:15

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