My device is Coolpad Note 3 and it's 15 months old.
Recently, I've observed that the battery suddenly drops randomly to 20-30% and shuts down. When I plug it in for charging while it's powered off it shows that it's charging from 20-30%. If there is some charge left inside it then why won't it turn on?
And while charging it suddenly bumps up from 40-50% to 70-80%. Why does this happen? I don't think that the battery is failing because it's relatively new compared to my 2½ year old Redmi 1S (which is working perfectly).

Interestingly, adb shell dumpsys batterystats | grep "Capacity:" shows that my battery capacity is 1000 while the manufacturer mentioned that it is 3000 mah. I was getting nearly 5 hours of screen on time before this happened. Did the manufacturer do something to the device by giving some update ? Recently many other users reported such battery drain issues. Malwarebytes scan shows that the themes and ota updater apps have coolreaper malware which can be used to directly install any apps.
Here's the complete output:

$ adb shell dumpsys batterystats | grep "Capacity:"
    Capacity: 1000, Computed drain: 0.1000, actual drain: 0.00000000
    Capacity: 1000, Computed drain: 0.1000, actual drain: 0.00000000

I got the battery replaced from the service centre and it's working properly but adb is still showing the battery capacity as 1000 only.

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