I had bought a USB-OTG cable for the sole purpose of connecting my Huion H420 Drawing Tablet. When I connected it, it recognized it as a mouse, but no cursor showed up when I hovered my pen over, and if I clicked, it would only click the middle of the screen. I know Wacom Tablets work, because I saw a question on here that had it work for a Wacom tablet. Maybe its not compatible with the Huion H420, or is there any workaround?

  • Those devices likely need a driver which Android doesn't necessarily have... – Andy Yan Apr 7 '17 at 2:23

because Huion H420 only Compatible with windows and mac OS , it doesn't Compatible with android OS , SO you may need to buy a graphic tablet Compatible with android . such as XP-Pen Deco Pro Digital Art Tablet , 9 x 5 and 11 x 6 inches active area , 8K pressure levels , support pen tilt , Compatible with Android 6.0 and above OS .

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