I have a Huawei P6 running Android 4.4.4. My problem is that we have 3 wifi connections at my workplace: "Internet", "Student" and "Staff". The "Internet" connection is useless - minimal access - and the other two require authentication. I do have accounts on the other two. My problem is that as I move around the office (and I move around a lot throughout the day), my phone constantly reconnects to the "Internet" connection - meaning I suddenly have no email or WhatsApp (our main means of communicating in our dept). I have to reconnect to one of the other connections manually and 10 minutes later its back to "Internet" again. Not only does this mean a huge amount of frustration and delayed messages, but of course it drains my battery horribly with the constant scanning and reconnecting. Is there a way I can prioritise the connections? Specifying that Internet is the lowest priority? I can't just "Forget" the connection as it automatically reappears and reconnects.

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