I want to use terminal task to to turn the screen off using tasker. I have tried a code like this, and some variants, without success.

am start --user 0 -a android.intent.extra.KEY_EVENT --es KEYCODE_POWER ACTION_DOWN

I have also tinkered with 


 but with even less success.

Any ideas as how how I can get this to work? Either with terminal emulator or tasker send intent task?

Note: Not rooted, som shell task in will not work.

And System Lock doesn't work well with finger print reader

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By use adb shell input keyevent <key_code> And for simulating your device power the key code is 26

Adb shell input keyevent 26
  • Doesn't work on an unrooted device, when you want to do it on the device itself (not through adb) May 10, 2017 at 13:58

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