I have connected an Android cellphone to the PC through a MTP connection. it brings a folder under Portable Devices section in My Computer.

I want to get the location of this folder. how can I do that? I right-click and choose properties and it says the Location as: Computer/Mo A.Z

But I want to access it through C drive. is it possible?!

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    Which version of android do you have? Also are you rooted? Commented Apr 11, 2017 at 18:47

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It is impossible.


You could try your luck mounting it from a recovery or using adb push. Another option would be installing a SSH (or FTP or ...) server on your phone if you want to be able to manipulate files on your device easier.

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Here are some workarounds:

  1. Using QtADB

QtADB is a full-featured tool (designed for windows )and has a plethora of features to manage your droid. Some of these include:

  • File manager (copying files and dirs between phone and computer, delete , creation of dirs)

  • App manager (installing, removing, creating backs ups etc)

  • Shell and more..

The essence of this is that it alows mounting of external sd card to a computer without giving annoying notifications. Check here for more info: QtADB

  1. Using USB MASS STORAGE Enabler (root)

This is one of the few apps offering to restore the lost Universal Mass Storage (UMS) option.

  1. After downloading the tool ,connect your device using USB cable to your computer.

  2. Open the ‘UMS Enabler’ app and press ‘Enable Mass Storage’. Remember, give the app root access if it asks.

At this point, you might get various messages by the app, for instance, there a message asking you to set SELinux – a Linux module Android uses to make it more secure – to permissive state; this is required for the app to run properly.

Hope this helps


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