i try to install "mount" with apt, but i can't locate it, or a package that contains "mount".

i've tried:

  • just to run mount:

    no command 'mount' found

  • apt update && apt upgrade

  • apt install mount busybox toybox

    busybox is already the latest versuib; mount and toybox do not exist.

  • apt -s mount

    option not understood

  • apt search mount

    proot ...

  • apt install proot
  • mount

    not found...

  • google, locate mount, ls -lR. GOT YOU

The mount command is part of the util-linux package. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Util-linux

Try apt install util-linux

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Either type


manually or create a shortcut by

ln -s /system/bin/mount $PREFIX/bin/mount

so that you can access it more easily later.

Don't bother with toolbox or toybox. Whichever contains the mount command will be symlinked to by /system/bin/mount.

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While which mount yields nix, any of the following should produce output in Termux on Android, Chromebook and Fire OS.

/system/bin/toybox mount

/system/bin/toolbox mount



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