What kind/types of memory (or data storage devices) does and android device have, and what information is stored in that type of memory?

I know of:

  • Internal memory
  • RAM Memory
  • ROM Memory
  • Storage card / SD/Card

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Android devices are very similar to computers, they consist of a BIOS (Basic Input Output System), an OS (Operating System) and then Applications and Data.

  • The BIOS would be stored in EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory), or rather a sub-type called Flash Memory. (Wikipedia)

  • When the BIOS loads the OS then it is moved into RAM Memory. RAM memory stores all currently running applications (including the OS). (Wikipedia)

  • The Operating System software, and application software are stored in storage; which is usually an internal SD card, or SD card like storage. (Wikipedia)

    • You can have additional storage, such as an external SD card.

So you would have

  • EEPROM (Flash Memory)
  • RAM (System Memory)
  • SD Card (Storage)

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