I'm not really familiar with Android development so I'm not sure how to go about this, sorry if those questions are basic.

I have successfully flashed a TWRP recovery on my MTK6797 phone (UMI Z Pro) and I can enter it but somehow managed to soft brick it (the ROM itself doesn't boot, - hangs on the boot screen). So I'd like to install the stock ROM again but keep TWRP recovery since I was planning to tweak the ROM or even perhaps build a custom ROM for this phone since there are none available and probably won't be any in the future.

The problem is that the stock ROM contains some verification scripts, here's a quote from their official forum:

You need the original boot, recovery and system image on your phone since the update script checks their integrity before running. As a conclusion, if you have a custom recovery on your phone and/or ever rooted it, you cannot update it via FOTA but the only way is flashing with SPFT.

How would I go about removing those scripts from the stock ROM? Or does anyone know of another solution to this - TWRP recovery + stock ROM on this phone. Thanks in advance.

  • I don't quite get it, you already know how to flash TWRP, why not just go ahead and flash that stock ROM the normal way, then flash TWRP again? Side note: next time you do this, after you flashed TWRP, make a backup of the stock ROM immediately. – Andy Yan Apr 19 '17 at 8:39
  • @AndyYan I'll try repeating it but what could've caused the soft brick? – agangofkittens Apr 19 '17 at 8:49
  • I can't really pinpoint it, since you know what you did better... – Andy Yan Apr 19 '17 at 9:08
  • @AndyYan That's the thing, I can't come up with why that could've happened. I know that the recovery is on a seperate disk partition from the Android partition thus completely independent of the Android system. I flashed TWRP 3.1.0 based on the UMI Z.V3.01_20170116 kernel version of the stock ROM using SP Flash Tool. The ROM version was V3.01_20170408. I also only flashed the recovery. – agangofkittens Apr 19 '17 at 10:40

One question first your phones a umiz pro and the twrp is based on umi z.V3.xxx.xxxxx from Google it appears that there is a base and pro model am I correct If so then I think from your post it sounds like u flashed the base model recovery on. A pro model I have done this on a homtom ht7 I really messed it up but I think that is your problum

  • They state that the recovery works for both UMI Z and UMI Z Pro although I did use a UMI Z scatter file, I'll try using the UMI Z Pro scatter file. The phones are actually identical except for a dual camera instead of a single one on the Pro. – agangofkittens Apr 19 '17 at 12:45
  • I try to stay away from mtkxxxx had bad luck with all of the ones I had just have to be really carefully with the scatter file when I messed up my ht7 I made a hard brick of it but threw a guide and I have no idea what it was called or where to find it now but it's basically a tear down of the phone and u have to sodder a wire from one point to a nother so the computer will recognize the phone and it does now for me just having trouble flashing it now but that's all I got sir sorry couldn't be more help – Seanb93 Apr 19 '17 at 13:40

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