I have a Motorola Moto E LTE 2015 (XT1524) (surnia) and a Lexar micro SDHC card 1000x 32Gb.

I followed this how-to install-link2sd-apps2sd-marshmallow, to put my apps on the SD card.

  1. I split my SD card in 2 partitions for external storage:
    • 1st partition in FAT32, primary, about 15 Gb
    • 2nd partition in ext2, primary, about 15 Gb (ext4 gives me corrupted partition in my phone, partitioned with aParted on my phone or Gparted on my PC (Kubuntu 16.10), I've tried both, same results.)
  2. My device is rooted, with TRWP 3.10, LineageOS 14.1-20170414 and SuperSU-v2.79-SR3 installed.
  3. I used Apps2SD, and Link2SD, to install apps on my external storage SD card, but it doesn't work and I have this same error:

No suitable external storage

Do you think it comes from:
- LineageOS,
- kernel,
- partitions' softs, flags, labels
- Apps2SD/Link2SD,
- SD card
- ...

And how to fix that?

Device Details:
Phone: Moto E LTE (2nd gen) - XT1524
Android version: Android 7.1.1 - LineageOS 14.1-20170414-NIGHTLY-surnia - API LineageOS Guava (7) - bandbase M8916_2020629. - kernel 3.10.49-MPI24.241-2.35-1-g1ec3abb


But you did not made any error:

Moving to SD card means moving the apk files with part of app data to SD card so the app will be splited between the SD card and internal storage and this could help freeing up more space, but linking Apps to SD is different which will move the app almost completely to your external storage, but you need a second partition with ext2/4 file system and this will free up more space from your internal storage.

now the last method is making the external storage as internal which can be done by formating the SD card and preparing it again as internal storage.

Ok now every method has it's advantages but to me I prefer moving to SD:

Moving to SD card can be done defaultly without the need of any app like link2SD and without the need of spliting SD card to two partitions which will limit the size of your SD card to media data like videos/images/music .....etc and you may need more space for them, but moving to SD card from the app info at applications setting ----(or from any root app if moving option was not found at application info by default)------ will move your app to your fat32/exfat/NTFS file system SD card but not completely freeing up less space without the need to split your SD card.

Moving to sd card Also more stable and will cause no error or lose to your data if your external SD card was removed while device running so your external SD card won't lose it's function as external storage that you can move any where not in your device only.

removing your external storage while there is apps linked to your SD card has a chance to delete your linked appd or losing some of your apps data or freezing your device or making it not work normally(maybe not) according to the apps linked so you need to turn off your device then remove your SD card to put it somewhere you need and you may also not able to use second partition to move files so your external storage will be limited.

Ok what about preparing external storage to use as internel on android 6.0+ ? Ok this option is ported by google officially to android 6.0+ and it does not need any external app to manage it so you will make your external storage as internal and forget about anything else while the device will automatically manage the apps and decide which apps will be saved in your SD card or in your internal storage.

After preparing your external storage as internal your device will fuse them as one partition and this will extend your storage functionality not limiting it unlike linking to SD card so you will have the advabtage of extending storage functionality but on the other hand you won't be able to remove your external SD completely even if you turned off your device and moved it to any other device.

The file system will shows up as corrupted so you need to attash all your device to your PC to move files for example in addition to that you will lose your data if your android system was stoped and need to be reformated and this is a big disadvantages and that's why some smartphone manufacturer like the great Samsung has disabled it in the system of her devices officially but you still able to renable it by using the app (Root Essentials) where you can download free from play store which will give you the simplest way to reenable this function to your Samsung device ( any way your device is not Samsung so you can skip this)

Ok, now what would you like to choose linking to SD or moving apps normally or use your external as internal?

I think Samsung was right when it has removed using external as internal storage since it has apoeared obviously dangerous to your personal files and data also losing the external functionality of you SD card so you can't remove it.

Ok know if you chose like I prefer to move apps normally to sd card you will need to fix this issue (error no suitable external storage to move apps) I think this error is from the lineage 14 and all roms passed on it like resurrection remix rom and currently I am trying to fix it and I will report you a proper solution.


The OP stated:


Shakespeare's language isn't friendly for me and I didn't understand very well the difference between "Move to SD card" and "Link to SD card"

Instead of use "Link to SD card", I used "Move to SD card" option with Link2sd or Apps2sd softs. And, as I defined the SD card partition to use as the 2nd ext2 partition, I think the "Move to SD card" didn't find a 1st FAT partition and gave me this error:

error : java.lang.IllegalStateException : No suitable external storage

Lastly, the "Link to SD card" option with the 2nd ext2 partition works well.

I do apologize for the inconvenience.


Grant the permissions.

Go to Applications - Access Permissions - check the Storage permission.

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