I have a really old Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos from 5 years back.

I want to boot into download mode using ADB. I am using the following command

adb -s <deviceid> reboot download

What this does is just reboot my phone and does not take me to recovery. I can boot into recovery though using

adb reboot recovery

I have tried the commands

adb reboot bootloader 

also has no effect other than booting my phone.

I can enter into recovery the manual way using volume down + power + home button, but why can't I enter it using ADB ?

What am I doing wrong ?

My phone is running Jellybean Samsung Stock ROM and does not have the fastboot/bootloader mode.


Luckily I have Grand Duos too and I can confirm it is perfectly bootable into Odin Mode (aka Download) by

adb reboot download

Tried it just now.

What I can propose to you:

  1. Try to get rid of all other emulated/physical devices by restarting ADB-server and/or ejecting non-necessary ones.

    adb kill-server

I can guess you have them as you use -s clause.

  1. Learn the difference between Odin Mode, recovery mode and bootloader mode. Maybe you are confusing them?

I have custom recovery but this doesn't prevent me from booting into all this modes.

  • Does not work just reboots device
    – ng.newbie
    Apr 22 '17 at 17:52

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