I have a Jadoo4 USB-stick that runs on Android, similar to Chromecast. It has an app to watch live TV from East Asia.

I made an APK of that app, but whenever I try to install it on other devices (like my phone), it fails. This is the error that I get on my phone.

Translation: This package conflicts with another package with the same name

Translation: This package conflicts with another package with the same name

On the virtual machine, the error is just "App installation failed".

Any idea why that might be?

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    I didn't touch your app through the link provided (and most people here will not, either - good vehicle for malware), but will ask only a general question: Is this app an app provided by the device's producer, and made specially for that device? It may exploit specific hardware not present elsewhere, hence, not portable. Please provide specifics of the device, your OS, and the specifics of the app which does not depend on the contributors here to pursue your app via download for diagnosis of the problem. – wbogacz Apr 26 '17 at 13:16
  • Yes the app is provided by the producer. And I don't know if it's specially made for the device. The device doesn't seems very special. It's like an USB/chromecast but running full android on it. This are the specs of the device: Quad Core Processor 1 GB RAM 8 GB Flash Memory Android 4.4.2 HDMI Video Output Supports h.264@1080P Hardware Decoding Supports Micro SD Supports USB The device that runs the app has Android Kitkat on it. On my phone I run Android 7.1. I even tried to install the app virtual Android 4.4 (VirtualBox). First it seemed that the installation was successful, but after 1 min – Titan1655 Apr 26 '17 at 13:31
  • "it fails" You'll need to be more precise if you expect any help. What happens? You'll also need to give more details about the devices and the app. – Dan Hulme Apr 26 '17 at 13:50
  • @Titan1655 - You seem to have created a second account, named identically. This will make difficulties in the future for development/acceptance of this question and any of its answers. Please see the help for suggestions of how to merge the two accounts as a single. – wbogacz Apr 26 '17 at 13:57
  • I'm curious how you made an APK of that app. Did you compile it from the source code, or... what? If you want to install it on other device, provided that the original device is rooted, you can pull the original APK file from the device to the PC, and then push it to the other device to install it. – Andrew T. Apr 26 '17 at 16:27

The apk might be corrupted. Try to download it from a different source. Or if you tried to crack it try it with a new pattern(lucky patch).


It means that you might have the same app from another developer or a different app with the name of an existing app.

In that case you have to uninstall the older APK in order to use the new one.

hope it helps .

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