Today I saw an interesting post on Facebook (App). So I decided to share it through Whatsapp with my friends. But I can't find any Whatsapp share button on FB App. There is only Messenger share button. So how I can share it through Whatsapp.

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Click the post you want to share, in the top left hand corner there is a down arrow click it for options. You can copy the link and send from WhatsApp or if your keyboard has the option share it from the clipboard.enter image description here

  1. Suppose you want to share a video, click on the video.
  2. Once it starts playing, now 'right-click' on the playing video, you will see a drop-down like this: Options on right-click on video
  3. Select the 'Show Video URL option, you will get the link. Copy and paste it into a new window to test if it opens up the desired FB post or not.. Thanks.!

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