I have an LG l33l. I recently recorded a video on my computer using Bandicam, in the .mp4 file. I edit my videos on my phone, so as usual, i try to take the recorded .mp4 file and send it to my phone. (My phone is connected to my computer with a USB cord.) So I send it and it completely sends. I unhook my phone and go to play it on my phone. But when I do I get this error message "unsupported format" I dont know what to do from here. Please help. Sorry if my explanation was confusing, ask me any questions you need to answer my question.


Try with VLC for Android. If not playing, then your mp4 is not compliant. MP4 is like a nut which contains a video stream and an audio stream. Of one these are not compliant in your video. Encode in mp4 with AAC and AVC for audio/video to be compliant with all devices.

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