I use Google Calendar instead of the stock calendar on my LG G5. I travel internationally on a weekly basis, and the Calendar app would automatically adjust the calendar events' scheduled time once I landed to a different time zone (if Auto Date & Time is on) or once I adjusted the time zone manually (if Auto Date & Time is off).

The fact that Calendar Events' times got changed is utterly impractical and annoying.

For example, I would add an event at 8pm on a future date in that destination of a different time zone, and once I land there, the Calendar event time will be changed to 2pm. This throws off the timing of all my events. I almost missed several flights because the alarm did not go off at the right time, especially in connected flights crossing multiple time zones.

How can I stop Calendar from doing that? If I recall, iPhone does not do that.


It's a bit of inconvenience of how Google Calendar uses time zones.

Here is a brief explanation of how it uses time zones:

How Calendar uses time zones

When you create an event, you'll see it in your local time zone. It will also show up in the local time zones for anyone you invite, even if they're in a different time zone.

Some workarounds:

1. Disable device time zone

When you travel to a different time zone, you can see your calendar in the local time.

  1. Open the Google Calendar app .
  2. In the top left, tap Menu .
  3. At the bottom, tap Settings .
  4. Tap General.
  5. Tap Use device time zone on or off.

If "Use device time zone" is on, your time zone will update automatically as you travel. If "Use device time zone is off", you can select a time zone from the drop-down menu.

2. Create an event in a different time zone

There is another workaround involving setting time zone for an individual event in Google Calendar.

For example, if you're going on a trip to Bahamas and want to make sure your 2 PM island tour shows up on your calendar correctly, you should choose the time zone for Bahamas while creating your event. i.e

Create an event

  • Open the Calendar app .
  • Tap Create .
  • Tap Event .
  • Start typing in a title for your event. You'll often see suggestions – choose one or keep typing.
  • Tap Done .
  • Edit event details like the date, location, time, event visibility, and who's invited. If you don't share your calendar, you won't see visibility settings at all for your event.
  • Optional: If you have more than one calendar and want to change which one you're adding the event to, go to the top and tap the calendar name.
  • Tap Save.


  1. Google Calendar help: Change calendar time zone without changing event times
  2. Google Calendar help: Create an event
  • "A bit of an inconvenience" is certainly an understatement. Whoever came up with this design does not seem to travel for work. It's all too common for many people to be on a trip on the other side of the Atlantic and arrange a meeting with someone back home, after you come back. Of course you just want to write down the actual time of the meeting, but the reminder will go off at 3am. The fact that you can only work your way around this, and not simply disable it, is bonkers. I don't need a time zone! I just want to write down 6 o'clock and have my phone go off when the clock strikes 6, dammit!
    – cangrejo
    Aug 30 '19 at 8:08

Can you try turning Automatic time zone off?

  • Go into the Settings app,
  • Scroll down and select Date & time,
  • Click the toggle named Automatic time zone until it turns grey.

Now make sure you've selected the desired time zone under the Select time zone option. I hope that helps!

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