My Galaxy S7 has developed a problem with it battery (where it is continually turning off / rebooting) and so I need to get it repaired/replaced by my insurer.

The only issue is that, for data protection, they wipe every device before repairing.

Although I have back ups of most of my apps, all my photos, contacts & sms messages I have a lot of settings, multiple non-web based email accounts etc. set up on the phone so having to start from stratch would be a real hassle.

I therefore want to back up the entire phone, like a drive image, onto my Macbook so that I can simply copy the backup onto my new/repaired device once the battery issue is sorted.

I thought I had found a solution in this thread: Full Backup of non-rooted devices

However that is nearly 5 years old and so the instructions do not match the current version of Android SDK, seemingly now called Android Studio (the previous instructions ask you to locate a folder called 'platform-tools' but this isn't created by the current version of the SDK).

Anyone know of any updated instructions on how to do this?


  • Android Studio has nothing to do with it (that's a development environment). The instructions for adb backup remain the same (for the basic requirements, follow our adb tag-wiki to "minimal installation of ADB"). I'm not aware of any news in that sector, speaking of "full backup of non-rooted devices".
    – Izzy
    May 1, 2017 at 11:07

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Nothing really crucial changed since then. Android SDK is now installed together with Android Studio, however can be installed separately. Platform tools, which contain ADB, are now delivered separately from SDK. Here is the link:


After the installation you will find adb binary in platform-tools directory. All other points from those answer are still true.

Consider also TWRP backup possibility, which though, requires TWRP.

  • Where can I find the 'platform-tools' folder though? That was why I was thinking that the change to Android Studio had made the instructions invalid. Doing a Finder search for any files or folders with 'platform' or 'tools' in the name doesn't bring this up on my Macbook...
    – Jimmi DD
    May 1, 2017 at 19:25
  • Yep, platform tools now go separately. Updated the answer.
    – Suncatcher
    May 2, 2017 at 7:12

Did you try Samsung Smart Switch? You can easily make a backup of your entire phone: Contacts, emails, messages... including your apps, settings and so and save them to your computer and easily restore them when needed

You can find a list of some softwares that can help you backup​ your phone's​ content here

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