This is the same BLU Life One X as in Cannot get into recovery mode from boot-loop on BLU phone:

I followed the instructions and flashed the phone with BLU_L0070UU_V12_GENERIC.

I am still in a boot loop, but less predictable:

  • It shows 0%
  • BLU/Bold Like Us
  • Android is starting/optimizing app AAA of BBB
  • Android is starting/starting apps
  • Select language
  • Checking connection
  • (Sometimes) updating software
  • (Sometimes) starting the cellular service
  • Enter email/password of the account to which the android was synced

At any point in the above, the phone may go dark and restart. I never managed to finish typing the Google account password. At some point, it also asked for a WiFi password, it no longer does and, apparently, can connect to my hotspot.

Recovery still does not work:

  1. Pressed Power + Volume Up + Volume Down.
  2. Got two teeny lines: Recovery Mode: Volume Up and Factory Mode: Volume Down.
  3. No matter what I press, the screen goes dark and nothing happens (boot cycles).

It turned out that repeating the steps, i.e.,

  • re-flash the phone with BLU_L0070UU_V12_GENERIC
  • press Power + Volume Up + Volume Down
  • get two teeny lines: Recovery Mode: Volume Up and Factory Mode: Volume Down
  • press Volume Up

solved the problem

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