I am a fan of integrating ridesharing (Uber and Lyft) fare results into the travel directions interface of Google Maps, so that I may quickly compare the two companies to each other and to other forms of transportation. However, I do not like having the entire Uber ride take place within Google maps. I find the interface inferior to Uber's app (lots of info/options are missing), and I would prefer that the Maps app is available for other searches while riding in the Uber (e.g., looking up the exact location of a restaurant).

Is there any way to force Maps to launch the Uber app from within these search results?

The alternative is to

  • highlight the address
  • select "copy",
  • return to the desktop,
  • launch the Uber app,
  • clear out any Uber messages (e.g., rate your last driver),
  • paste the address into the Uber search (which doesn't work if you used something like "home" in Maps),
  • confirm that it's the same location on the maps you already found in Google (which might not be the case for overloaded place names),
  • confirm your current location,
  • and hit the "book"/"request" button.

Do-able, but inefficient.

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You could just use the Uber app to use Uber rather than using Google maps.

  • But then I can't compare it with Lyft, public transit, and driving. May 13, 2017 at 16:17
  • I'd recommend doing g it the way you are doing it then. Pretty sure there's no way to integrate them like you've explained.
    – DwillX
    May 13, 2017 at 16:19

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