I have had a very frustrating experience in swapping over from one Android to another. As I had done with my previous transfer many years back, got the phone connected to the PC with developer mode and used ADB to take an -all backup, but upon restoring it on my new phone my ordeal started.

First Firefox on the new phone didn't have any of my open tabs, nor history, and after a bit of research, found that it has been built with the flag android:allowBackup="false" set solving the corruption that I understand can occur when Android restores Firefox data from the cloud, but also disables local ADB backups. I could find no other way to backup not only currently open pages in tabs, but also the history of those tabs - Firefox sync only recovers current page, not that tab's history.

Several other problems, some also having that same android:allowBackup="false" flag set, have had their data been copied at great time expense for either finding a solution, or manually copying the data.

Now I have struck a wall when trying to backup ALL call logs and SMS messages. Find below details of the discrepancies:

On Source Device (Samsung SM N915A):

20 Conversations in "Messages" app (could find no way to see how many individual messages this includes)
204 SMS's reported as being backed up via SMS Backup & Restore

529 call details in "Contacts" app (which launches when I click the phone icon on the home screen), found by clicking the "Select" option in the ... dropdown and clicking the all button
487 call details reported as being backed up via SMS Backup & Restore

On Destination Device (Samsung SM G955U):

204 SMS's showing in SMS Backup & Restore's backup of old phone
17 Conversations in "Messages" App (after restore using above app and backup)

487 call details showing in SMS Backup & Restore's backup of old phone
363 call details in "Phone" App (after restore using above app and backup)

I have also tried SMS Backup, Super Backup, and Helium all with varying (by not complete) numbers of SMS's/Call details claiming as being on the source device and then restored on the destination device. Still further other apps have at least one commentor saying that MMS/Advanced messages are not saved using that app. I have not tried to figure out whether all the messages missing from the backup and what then gets restored are either of these, but at least the first few I looked at didn't seem to be. Regardless...

...Does anybody know of a way to get ALL of the SMS's and Call Details off the old phone?

Footnote - Yes, I am seriously considering rooting the new phone before I accumulate any more data that I will need to deal with upon the next switch - Why phone manufacturers didn't allow, but not make obvious, users to be able to elevate themselves to root is well beyond me!

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