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S-helth in my Samsung Note 5 'none rooted' android 7.0 Nougat, is not working, I tired so many methods... but no use my phone is not rooted, but I get following message every time I open s-helth, that is "due to a new security policy, samsung health cannot be opened on a rooted device". So can any one help me out


if you have flashed your phone to official firmware using ODIN, be sure to tick BL AP CS CSC on the target download - that will fix knox issues


i had same problem. i used Samsung Smart Switch on PC and Connect the Samsung phone to the PC you should find a function on smart switch program called device initialization. i think when you hard reset a phone some kind of security kick in with Knox because the problem turn after i hard-reset for a young friend she could not remember the code to her Samsung account and to the email.

download smart switch

actually after a hard reset the same error show on as yours and did a normal factory reset. and after that it showed another error and then i used Smart Switch

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