I forgot my Xiomi Redmi note 3 phone pattern lock so I locked it with android device manager but my mobile still shows the same after it. It doesn't show any box to type the new password to unlock it . Does someone know what would i try to do now?

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I just tried it out on my device (running Android 7.1.2 if that matters). In Android Device Manager I clicked the Lock button. It asked me to enter a new password twice, a recovery message (optional) and a phone number (also optional).

It first showed that the new lock was successfully set. However, this message was quickly replaced with Since Google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password you entered won't be needed. This second message disappeared pretty quickly so you may have missed it.

When I proceeded to unlock my phone, it displayed Locked by Android Device Manager on the screen. By pressing the Back button, I got back into the regular lock screen which now displayed Device administrator locked device. My previous lock method was still active, so I could unlock it as if nothing had changed. Therefore, I suspect that your phone's lock hasn't changed either, which means you'll need to find a different way of changing the lock. Please try the methods in this answer and let us know which one worked for you (if any).

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