I have a Nexus 5 running android 6.0.1 and I'm using the google camera 3.2.045. After taking a picture and locking the phone just after, when i open my phone again i got a system message saying "can't access to camera" with 2 possibile options: ignore and report. So i closed the app, but every time I open it up again or I try to take a picture also with others app but i get the same message. What should I do?

  • Goto settings->apps, choose Google camera applicatiion. Inside app info, tap on force stop, and then choose storage section, clear data and clear cache. Open Google camera application and check. (Note: It will reset camera, your applied camera settings will lost) – Rahul Gopi May 18 '17 at 4:50

This is some bug, I had this problem to, but later it was disappeared.


I have the same issue, now stranger then usually.
What works now for in like 70% of the time is going on
Options --> Apps --> Kamera --> Force Stop. Reboot device if that doesn't work and try again☺

Hope this helps you :)

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