screenshot of quick settings

I want my Google Plus profile picture to appear in notifications Quick settings area, Prior to this update it used to work by going to google plus app> settings> contacts > then ticking two options that I can't remember. But those options are gone now.

Screenshot of Google plus settings

I'm using a custom ROM (which doesn't seem to be an issue)

  • Rom I'm using is DarkRom caf
  • Android 7.1.2 (may security update)
  • Based On Lineage 14.1

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As of some version from may, the contact option was removed mysterously by google. Maybe they are going to reintroduce it by some other mechanism. But for now, you'll need to download the g+ app prior to may (you can get legit apks from apkmirror). Then enable the contact sync from that. Post which, you can upgrade to the latest g+ version


I don't think that the User icon has anything to do with your G+ profile picture. Go to Settings > Users > tap on 'You (Sumeet Deshmukh) > tap on the default blue profile picture to select a new one.

  • It's a wrong assumption, it's has much to do with google + profile picture, your way isn't wrong, user icon can be set by your way, but I want my google plus profile picture to be set as user icon. That makes this answer irrelevant here IMHO May 23, 2017 at 1:55

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