I installed My Data Manager to see how much data traffic my phone generates and I noticed that there's some "DCS Service" using on average 180MB (!) per month.

DCS Service is not something I installed. It is listed under apps but I cannot uninstall it. Anyone got an idea what it is and how I can stop it from producing all that data traffic?

  • Solved it by replacing the HTC software by the Cyaogenmod rom. Jan 2, 2012 at 8:55

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I asked htc what it is about and they responded with:

The DCS Utility services and components are the programs on your telephone that allow connection to the internet provided by your mobile carrier. It stands for Data Connection Service.

A little vague. It also cannot be removed, they told me. And as the sense ui was constantly crashing I decided to install cyaogenmod. Best decision ever: not only is my data usage halved, the user interface is stable as a rock.

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