I have Moto G 2nd generation XT1068. I flashed my custom ROM and installed a CYNOGENMOD in my phone.It worked fine for 4 month and now its totally bricked. I could enter fastboot mode but it shows low battery in fastboot mode, so i couldn't revert my phone back to normal. I m not much a techie, so hope for a solution in stepwise :)

Finally , Bricked MOTO G2: cynogenmod installed : LOW BATTERY ==> SOLUTION please :)


  • TWRP recovery is able to handle charging; you should be able to boot into it from the bootloader, provided that you have flashed one. – Andy Yan May 20 '17 at 14:05

Try connecting the phone to pc, then entering bootloader(press all buttons) Let it charge for a couple minutes, then reboot to recovery... or just reboot to recovery. had this issue about half a year ago.

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