I don't understand why I can't take photo or video with my Samsung Galaxy S4. I have 32 GB of memory and I haven't a lot of photo or apps in my mobile phone. I tried to delete photo, video or apps that I don't use, and also I have just restart my phone but the situation is the same.

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Speaking with experiance with a galaxy S4.

Try deleting the cache, from the storage menu. Goto Storage->Internal Storage-> Delete Cache

Should empty up a lot of space by now, for more storage,

Goto Storage->Internal Storage-> Explore

Delete files named,

  • .thumbnails

  • .profigos

  • .faces

These are temporary files created, you can delete them, it won't harm any of your data.


I had the same problem and I realized my Dropbox was taking up a lot of space. I had my photos etc already downloaded do I just disabled it and now I have a lot more space. Hope this helps.

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