I am trying to root my android 6.0.1 phone using the following method:

I first booted into a TWRP image using fastboot boot, then using the TWRP terminal I copied the su binary from the SuperSU kit to /system/xbin/ and ran chmod 6755 ./su, chown root:root ./su and chcon u:object_r:system_file:s0 ./su. Now I booted into Android and opened a terminal emulator and goto /system/xbin/ and see that the SUID bit is set for su. But when I run su, nothing happens and the binary exits with a 0 value.

Running strace su shows that the setresuid() and setuid() calls are failing. I suspect this is because of SELinux contexts.

What should the SELinux contexts be for the binary?


Impossible to say with that little information. You said:

...and ran chmod 6755 ./su, chown root:root ./su and chcon u:object_r:system_file:s0 ./su

This seem to imply you are already root. If it's SELinux problem, you shouldbe able to see this in logcat -b main *:V.

  • I am root in the TWRP terminal, but not in Android. – nom May 22 '17 at 16:36
  • What I am asking is, what should be the correct SELinux context for the program. – nom May 22 '17 at 16:40
  • Also, please elaborate on what information you would require. – nom May 22 '17 at 16:59

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