My friend has Cloudfone excite prime. He can record the Facebook messenger, whatsapp calls using his phone's default voice recorder. I have Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If I try to record the messenger call, it says "Unable to record during call".

The question is why my friend's phone can record the call but not mine?

And he can also play music while on the call. But my phone says "Unable to play during call", why?



This should help you. It's a Quora tutorial on how to record whatsapp calls. Just grab any app that do that, there are a lot of them. The multi audio problem is mainly based on the version of android you're running, not only the phone you're using. For example in android 6.0 there are 3 main audios: notifications, music and allarms. I hope that this'll help you, let me know.


Because the app bundled in your phone by SAMSUNG does not allow this. It not the case that this cannot be done in a recorder app but this can potentially affect/break other essential features of the smartphone in this case the calling functionality itself. If you still want this functionality you may search for alternative apps in Play Store.

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