I'm using a Nexus 5X, running Android 7.1.2 and using Google Calendar 5.7.20.

I want to view my work calendar on my phone, so I can see it when planning personal things, but don't want notifications, as I have a separate phone (and laptop) for work which go "ding" at the appropriate moment.

In Google Calendar settings, under that account I have set the "Default notifications" to be "No notification", but I still get notifications.

I think it might be due to notifications set within each event (These are useful on my laptop, I don't want to turn them off).

Is there a way to disable the notifications for that calendar, but keep it visible along with the others?


There are two standard notifications for each calendar in Calendar Settings. One for normal dates and a second for full-day.

You must deactivate both, otherwise you can still get some notification.

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