Is there any way to transfer Whatsapp conversations from an Android 6 device to an iOS 9 device? I have already tried to use the software by iphone-to-pc unsuccessfully (could not read conversations from android device)


You can make a backup and upload it to Google Drive to restore it later with the other device.

I have no Apple device but I guess that synonymous there a backup from Google Drive can be restored.


One solution is to use WhatsApp Transfer, free software but only usable for three devices.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Whatsapp on both devices and the last of iTunes on the pc.

  • On Android activate debug usb: Settings-> Device Info and clicks 7 times on Version Build.In the Settings menu there will be Developer Options where there will be the usb Debug Option.

  • Connect both devices to pc and open Whatsapp Transfer

  • On the Android you will appear to backup, you allow but without entering the password.

  • You will now have all your messages/conversations and in the left column the device you want to display.

  • Right-click on your Android device.

  • Click on the "transfer messages from android to iphone" and close Whatsapp on your iPhone.

  • Finally select the iPhone and click on confirm.

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