Here is a screenshot of these apps. I never downloaded them:

Screenshot (click image for larger variant)

Many times these have been deleted by me but they are download as well as installed by themselves again and again. What should I do? Also, these apps I never installed all at once rather one by one.

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There are several ways of trying to treat this.

  1. Download some antivirus apps and see if they can find the app responsible. Unfortunately, this is not likely to be successful.
  2. Run a factory reset. If the malware has not embedded itself into the operating system, a factory reset will delete whatever is causing this.
  3. Flash the stock operating system. Almost all cases of viruses inside an Android device end up having to use this solution. By reflashing the stock operating system (essentially reinstalling Android), there is absolutely no chance the virus will survive the process. The stock ROM can be found on the manufacturer website for almost all phones. Guides for how to flash ROMS exist for almost every popular phone ever produced. This is not for the faint of heart or those who are not good with computers. If this is the case, try to contact a friend who is. If the phone is still under warranty, this process will void it. Therefore, if I is under warranty, try to contact the manufacturer for repair first.

Good luck!

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    Any Android app calling itself anti-VIRUS I have my doubt if I could trust it. But I concur with steps 2+3 as well as with 3 having the best chances. What I'd give a chance as well is an addon checker to identify "dangerous apps". One might not catch the culprit immediately – but have a surprise of how invasive some other apps are, which finally results in a much cleaner phone after getting rid of those :) – Izzy May 24 '17 at 14:30

Solution below working fine for me.

“My phone is not rooted but still infected by this malware. Apps are automatically installed on my phone without my permission..”

What I did is installing this two apps.

Adds on Detector Stubborn Trojan Killer And run it few time.

Based on my experience, unwanted new apps keep installed on your phone because your phone infected with Trojan apps ‘Android Systool’. This Trojan cannot be easily rid, it root deep on your phone system and working as a magnet to do illegal apps download on your phone. Seems the developer makes money from installing as many apps that sell advertisment as possible on victim phone.

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    "My phone is not rooted but still infected by this malware. Apps are automatically installed on my phone without my permission..” can you give me the link to this? – Anmol Sharma May 24 '17 at 12:52

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