I've enabled the auto-backup feature from Google Photos on my Android phone, and every here and there it asked me through notifications if I wanted to backup a new given folder.
I keep my photos organized on my device through a couple of folders, such as "Parties", "Work events", "games", and so on.

Well done, some of those folders were gone from my phone, not sure why. That's a task for the backup feature, right?
Wrong, it seems! I can't seem to find the given folders in my Google Photos. Am I mistaken or the backup feature selects folders but ends up placing all pictures in the same basket, only organizing by date?? It should backup folders as well, not only the files inside them, getting rid of the hierarchy! How stupid could that be??

Is it possible to enable folder backup with their current hierarchy?

Furthermore, there are some very old pictures (2008/2009) which are showing up as 2022/2023, clogging up my "recents" view. How do I fix that?

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