I watch my data consumption religiously, since the telcom operators in Lebanon charge an arm and a leg for every MB spent. The bundles cost ok, but when you exceed the bundle they charge you like 6 cents a MB.

What happened last month is that I eventually exceeded my 20GB bundle at May 12, 8:12 AM, so I immediately turned off my data usage on my android, and tried to upgrade the bundle. It turns out that the operator system was down. I called them, they said keep your data turned off until the system is back up again.

So eventually the system got back and I upgraded my data bundle at May 13, 1:53PM.


Come monthly bill time, I got charged crazy cash. I called them and they claimed that I consumed 3.6GB worth of extra data! Now the above is my side of the story, I would like to prove it using the data manager of my android device

The data manager of my android device shows consumption per cycle (which is defined by me, i set it at the 16th of every month since my billing cycle with my telco operator ends at the 15th midnight).


What I would like to do is basically zoom in the data usage report and basically see exactly how much was consumed between May 12, 8:12AM and May 13, 1:53PM. Is that possible using android settings natively or through a third party software? Please bear in mind that this must be done to historical data, not from future data as it's impossible to predict the future.

Tech Details

My phone is Nexus 6p running Android 7.1.2

enter image description hereenter image description here

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