I tried the code:

alias netstat='/system/xbin/busybox netstat'
alias grep='/system/xbin/busybox grep'
alias awk='/system/xbin/busybox awk'
alias route='/system/xbin/busybox route'

gateway=`netstat -rn | grep ^0\.0\.0\.0 | awk '{print $2}'`

route add -net netmask gw $gateway

It doesn't run and print out the manual for route command...

Does busybox support route add -net $des netmask $mask gw $gateway? If so what did I do wrong?

Update: I tried to update to magisk 12.0, and now it just shows applet not found instead...

So I did try /data/magisk/busybox route This gives me applet not found again. Then I tried /dev/busybox/route It prints '/dev/busybox/route not found'. I checked and the file '/dev/busybox/route' exists (as a shortcut), so I am not sure what is going on anymore. BTW, I did run su before I tried to run these commands.

Also if I run these commands line by line, I will get different error message than "not found" when I put them in a .sh file and run sh script.sh

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/dev/busybox/route add -net netmask gw $(getprop net.dns1)


/system/xbin/busybox route add -net netmask gw $(getprop net.dns1)

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