I want to backup as much as possible from a rooted Android phone(user-data, app-data, etc) on a daily basis to a Synology NAS.

I've found this tutorial:

Automatic Nightly Backups for Your Android Device to Your Computer | Guysoft's Weblog https://guysoft.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/android-nightly-backups/

The only problem remaining is that Titanium Backup performs the backup image on the phone, which is then copied to the NAS via rsync. I cannot afford this, since I don't have an SD card slot, nor much space left on the phone.

Any ideas on how to save directly to NAS(smb share) instead?

On the other hand, I was thinking at adb, as an alternative way to do a backup, but I haven't seen anyone installing it on a NAS. Besides installing, there should be some scripting involved, in order to detect the connection to the phone via USB or WiFi, and then the backup process.

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SMBSync2 might be what you're looking for.

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