I have an LG Aristo and I recently got an ípega Bluetooth controller off the wish website, the phone isn't rooted an I don't know much on what to do so it's not working for any of my games I don't know what to do please help...


You can connect your GamePad to your LG as you connect headphones or any wireless devices.

Your gamepad supports android 3.2 and above.


  • Install iPega Game Center English version(Google for that). and install it. This will serve as IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad driver for your Android device.

  • Enable Bluetooth on your LG phone.

  • Once you have installed the IPEGA Game Center successully you need to enable BitGames IME as default input.

  • Turn on the controller by pressing Y + Home button simultaneously. Wait until the red LED indicator blinks as it pairs with your device.

  • Once the red LED indicator blinks, open the IPEGA Game Center application. Go to mydevice and bind controller.

  • A console will open. This will help you calibrate your controller.  Try moving the joystick and the buttons.

  • Done. Test it with a supported game or an emulator.


If you have the PG-9028 model, you won't need the IPEGA Bluetooth controller app.

  • Turn on your IPEGA PG-9028. Also, make sure that your LG Bluetooth is turned on.

  • Now, on your IPEGA Bluetooth controller,  press and hold both the X + HOME button, simultaneously.

  • Wait until you see the LED from your IPEGA gamepad with touchpad blinking constantly.

  • On your mobile device, open the Bluetooth menu. Scroll down (if needed) and look for Available Devices.

  • What you should look for is “PG-9028” or sometimes Android will see it as a keyboard input device.

  • Select PG-9028 to start pairing. Once the pairing is successful, you will notice that the LED light on your IPEGA PG-9028 will stop blinking.

  • Done.

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