I've tested all Genymotion on-Demand AMIs, but they doesn't work for me, since some apps are not compatible with 64-bit platform.

I'd like to create my own x86 (32-bit) AMI where I can install The Open GApps, then install some other apps. What would be a good starting point to do that?

  • How is this of interest to Android end-users? – Dan Hulme Jul 5 '17 at 21:25
  • Site is for 'users of the Android operating system', and Genymotion emulator is using it. You've also tag for Genymotion, so I don't see the problem here about sharing the knowledge about Android and Genymotion stuff. I'm also the end-user playing with Android apps in Genymotion emulator. – kenorb Jul 5 '17 at 21:38

To save compile times of the entire Android OS (see: Requirements and Building of Android OS) and your custom ROM builds from hours, it is possible to use Android Open Source Project AMI as a starting point for building the entire AOSP build environment which is pre-configured and completely synced with the repo on this app and ready to go.

Once the instance is ready, run these commands to compile the Android OS:

$ cd aosp && . build/envsetup.sh
$ lunch aosp_arm-BUILDTYPE
$ make -j4

The BUILDTYPE is one of the following:

  • user: limited access; suited for production,
  • userdebug: like "user", but with root access,
  • eng: development configuration with additional debugging tools.

See: Preparing to build.

The solution above eliminates the need to host a build environment on the local machine, or require the Linux OS.

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