I want to use X-Mod for some android games, but it requires a rooted device. are there any emulators or simulators that either come pre-rooted, or that i can easily root?


If you want to run the emulator on your android device, then the short answer would be no.

The long answer would be, it is probably possible to run android x86 through e.g. 'Complete Linux Installer' or 'Linux Deploy' and a VNC Viewer, but the experience would probably be very laggy and also I don't think you really want to game using a VNC viewer where your touchscreen is used as a trackpad.

However, it is possible to run Android on Windows (or Mac, Linux) using a virtual machine (or you could install it on your PC but I dont think that would be worth it). This wouldn't even be an emulation, you would just run android on your computer. You could either use Android x86 or Genymotion. I'd recommend Genymotion, which is not pre-rooted, but very easy to root (it's just a matter of pulling a zip file into the window) and it's much more stable than android x86, so it's probably better for gaming.

Good luck!

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  • of course I was going to run it on my pc. why use an emulator that creates a virtual version of the device you are using – Rowan Radosav - McRae Jun 6 '17 at 4:20
  • ps genymotion costs a heck of a lot of $$$ I was looking for a free way to root – Rowan Radosav - McRae Jun 6 '17 at 4:21
  • I'm sorry I totally missed that, back when I used it there was still a free plan available... Then you'll need to stick with Android x86 – Notiflux Jun 6 '17 at 10:34
  • i have it and burned it to a disc, but how do install it? – Rowan Radosav - McRae Jun 8 '17 at 6:34

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