Is it possible to make a full backup of everything and then it sync into dropbox (and repeat if syncing was unsuccessful) with a one click? I'd like to just launch a backup procedure and go sleeping knowing that when I wake up, everything that could be done was done... and Titanium Backup's interface is so confusing to me.

I've got a pro version.

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As of version 4.8.2 you can automatically synchronise to Dropbox (or Box.net) with each scheduled backup:

  • Go to Schedules in the main menu
  • Select a schedule or create a new one
  • Fiddle with the time settings to your heart's content
  • Select "Sync to Dropbox" in the "When finished:" combo box at the bottom.

Could also be a good idea to adjust the "Connectivity modes" to synchronise over Wi-Fi only in the settings to avoid unnecessary data charges (if applicable).

  • Oh, thanks! I didn't know there actually is that "When finished:" field because it is hidden on my phone. The dialog box nicely ends with "Sunday" checkbox and there is no indication I could scroll down. Now if only I could create a shortcut in my launcher's drawer to run this schedule...
    – liori
    Mar 18, 2012 at 14:41

I can trim to two clicks: 1 for Full backup to local storage & another for Dropbox sync.

For Full Backup to Local Storage:
1. Tap & hold on empty home screen area. Choose Widgets.
2. From Pop-up list, tap Titanium Backup (Actions). Again, tap Action.
3. On next screen, choose Backup all user apps + system data & tap Create Widget button.
4. Done! Now, all you have to do is to tap this widget from your home screen.

For Full Sync to Dropbox:
1. Make sure you've already enabled & configured Dropbox sync from Menu ~> Preferences.
2. From Preferences, tap Dropbox settings & then Labels to synchronize. Check Synchronize everything checkbox & tap OK.
3. Done! Now, all you need is to open app & tap Sync to Dropbox now ! button at bottom from Overview tab..

Main Method For Full Backup to Local Storage (To shoot out your confusion):
1. Tap Backup/Restore tab.
2. Tap Click to edit filters just below tab bar (right-side). Make sure all radio buttons are set to All & there's no label are selected (if you've labels). Tap Apply button on top-right.
3. Hit Physical Menu button & choose Batch.
4. On next screen, tap RUN button left to Backup all user apps + system data. Tap Run the batch operation button on top.

Go really for a sleep:
Setup & enable a full backup schedule profile from Schedules tab. It will be enough if you just enable the two default schedule profiles. You can change its backup frequency after tapping Edit button.

So, in the last, you just need 1 click: 0 for Full backup & 1 for Dropbox sync! :)

What about 0 clicks??
Install Dropsync & link TB's Backup directory to a folder in Dropbox (free version supports 1 directory linking which is enough for this). It'll sync backups with Dropbox automatically (make sure Auto Sync is check in settings). So, you don't need even that one click...

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