I was trying updating my Android System Image via Android SDK Manager. It was downloaded but failed to install because unfortunately, all C: disk memory was exhausted. I tried finding it in temp directories but wasn't there. I need to delete those failed system images and want to change the directory of temporary download location/installation of system images. Any help will be really appreciated.


First make sure your clear the download cache from SDK manager:

enter image description here

If you believe you downloaded the system images, but failed to install them then probably they were extracted to respective directories i.e User\Android\android-sdk\system-images and in SDK manager they should show as broken with a typical icon like shown below:

enter image description here

It could be that you aren't able to start your AVD or emulator is complaining of low space on C: drive then you have to delete the .tmp files in this directory: Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\AndroidEmulator

enter image description here

Ironically, I actually have a temp file of around 1.5GB (not sure why its there as I clear up my temporary files regulary).

Also make sure other unnecessary files are clear in your PC e.g emptying recycle bin etc.

I not really sure if there is a way to change the sdk temp directory in Windows.

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